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Surround yourself with Leafy inspiration.


Breathe easy with air purifying, oxygenating, and temperature regulating houseplants.

Boost your mood and green up your space. 
Relax in a living, breathing place.  
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We love to see your plants in their new homes

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Hacks, tips and musings for happy plants and joyful people

# 1

House plants draw their energy for light.  Most house plants like bright, indirect or filtered light, away from direct sunlight - which can scorch their delicate leaves and leave them fried 🌞 (good for halloumi, bad for plants)

A general rule of thumb is around 3 feet from a window - but remember at different times of the year the sun can be in different places so always keep a check on your Leafy friends and make sure they are living their best life.

Succulent love


Great for desks and workspaces - succulents may help with boosting focus and concentration.  They are also wonderful air purifiers, boosting oxygen levels and humidity where you place them.  These little guys are your perfect work buddy.


Ever noticed how having plants in your office makes you feel more focused?

More vibrant. More productive.

Clocked how it lifts your mood, brings joy, and recharges you?

Creating green, living spaces in your home or workspace is our thing.  We love it.


We'd love for you to love it too. 


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Creating green spaces where you live and work has never been more important.


Brilliant to leaf up your place, house plants are natural air purifiers - increasing oxygen levels and humidity where you place them and decreasing C02 and airborne pollutants.  NASA even sent plants into space to test their air filtering abilities.

t Leafy Living we select house plants that not only look good but DO good too - and we deliver direct to you all over mainland UK.

Living with plants can be great for mental wellbeing too – whether that be helping to reduce stress and creating a relaxing, calm environment; or perhaps giving you a point of focus, clarity and concentration.  Did you know people in offices with indoor green spaces are found to be more productive and take fewer sick days?  Plants really are a powerhouse of wellbeing.

You'll find Leafy Living indoor plants in easy to shop categories - thinking about how you want to live with your new green friend.  A 'Large Leafy' will add instant impact to a room, or a treat from 'Breathe Easy' will be a super star air purifier. 

Take five minutes and browse our range of Leafy green superheroes....

Plant wraps & packing

Our plants can be individually wrapped in natural hessian - it's recycled coffee bean sacking!  We think this not only looks great, it also serves a purpose.  Your plants will arrive with all their soil in place, in the pot and not the delivery box.

Plus you can choose to keep this in place for as long as you want to.  We love this look as an alternative to traditional pots.  It's easy to water too and the hessian won’t spoil if it gets a little wet.

Keep it gathered or unwrap and neatly roll your pot and retie.  This is a great style for our little guys (think succulents and cacti) and some of the statement big mammas who need room to spread their leaves in our largest pots.

If you'd like a hessian wrap just tick the box as you check out.  If not, plants arrive still safely wrapped in brown Kraft paper.


If hessian isn’t your thing - take a look at pot wraps

So simple but so clever.  These stylish pot covers for your Leafy friends are a cost-effective way to cover plastic pots.  The synthetic paper is waterproof, tear-resistant & durable. Simply pin together using brass split pins provided & place your plant inside.


We have three sizes available in various patterns.  

LOVE them.

Houseplant 101

Let's do this....

You might think that looking after your Leafy friends could be daunting, but actually, a little house plant care needn’t be a chore. You might even find that you like it!  


Creating a bit of structure and a really minimal routine every few days can make the world of difference, and in a world that is constantly connected, a million miles an hour, and pressure crazy – a ten minute check up and quick chat and water with the green gang can literally be a breath of fresh air…

house plants


let's do this

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