You might think that looking after your Leafy friends could be daunting, but actually, a little house plant care needn’t be a chore. You might even find that you like it!  Creating a bit of structure and a really minimal routine every few days can make the world of difference, and in a world that is constantly connected, a million miles an hour, and pressure crazy – a ten-minute check over and quick chat and water with the green gang can literally be a breath of fresh air

First things first – it's not rocket science.  Don’t be intimidated, these are plants, not the nuclear button.  If you miss the odd water, or your Leafy starts to wilt – really what’s the worst that can happen.  More often than not a little bit of TLC when you spot the problem is all it needs to rectify things.  We love the plants in our collection because we believe they have the power to boost your wellbeing – not add to your stress levels!    Generally, we chose Leafy friends that are great for wellness, but also not too high maintenance.  No one needs to plant mama guilt in their lives.  Check our descriptors for each plant and we’ll tell you whether you’re choosing an Easy Friend or right at the other end of the scale Diva Darling (She may be a tad high maintenance but also totally worth it!)

So in general – your two biggies in terms of care are WATER and LIGHT.  Get to know what your plant needs on this front and you’ll not go far wrong. 

Let’s Do This.

House Plant 101

Touch the soil, press lightly, and if it feels dry to the touch then she’ll need a drop to drink.  If you can use harvested rain water then that is gold star on your report card territory.  But if not – tap water is absolutely fine.  Water a little from the top, directly onto the soil and let this absorb; and then every two or three water sessions take them to the sink, bath or pop onto a plastic tray and fill the bottom with a few cm of water letting the plant take up water from the roots.

Overwatering and underwatering can look very similar in terms of symptoms – usually showing itself in changes to leaves. If your plant starts to wilt, edges of the leaves turn brown, crispy, or start to fall away – the chances are she’s either thirsty or drowning.  Really simply – soil should just be slightly damp to the touch.  Job done.

A weekly check on water is a good idea.


Positioning a Leafy friend can be a little bit of trial and error.  But it's no great shakes to simply pick up a pot and try a new position in a room.  Generally think warm, bright sunlight – but not so bright that they are baking in the direct hot sun.  If you think a lot of houseplants originate in the tropics, they’ll live on rain forest floors, underneath the dappled sun of tree canopies – nice and warm and humid.  So keep that in mind, and look for the sweet spot. 

There are some plants that will tolerate low light levels quite well, and these tend to be the more to care for too.  Sanseveria (snake plant), Peace Lilies and Ferns will all sit very happily in a shady corner of your room.  Take a look at our Limited Light filter to find a Leafy suitable and head over to the dark side.

So important to get it right.


Misting is perfect for most of our Leafies and replicates the conditions of a humid rainforest very well.


Keep out of draughts and during winter months don't let leaves touch window glass


Happy New Succulent Day? 


During winter months these little friends are dormant, so a little water every few weeks is more than enough.  Let them dry out completely between drinks, the soil will look dry and crumbly.  Keep them warm and happy and don't let them sit in water (on their leaves or in their soil).

A couple of other things to bear in mind.