Angel Wings (Caladium)


Angel Wings has beautiful large delicate leaves in many colours of green, red and pink.


She's a stunner - and boy does she know it!  Originally Caladium calls Central and South America her home - so she likes high humidity and regular watering.  She's large and leafy and loves bright indirect sunlight.  She may be a diva, but shes completely worth it.  One of our favourite plants - you'll find yourself pandering to her every need and showing her off at every opportunity!


Likes - Attention!

Dislikes - Children and animals.  Caladium can be toxic so no nibblers please.


Note - indoor Caladium can sometimes experience total leaf fall in the Autumn - but fear not - she'll grow back year after year.


This plant is supplied in a 12cm pot and height of approximately 35cm